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What does Credit Report and Credit Score mean?

A credit report is a detailed view of your credit performance over the period. It shows your active accounts, outstanding credit balances, searches on your report, on-time payment, late payments, defaults and CCJs. The company which keeps and maintains this report is called the credit referencing agency. A credit score is a numerical snapshot of your credit performance. The credit score is affected by defaults, the number of credit searches, amount of credit held and other factors.

What does Loan to Value or LTV mean?

Loan to Value or LTV is the term used to calculate the amount of loan as a percentage of the value of the property. It is the maximum amount a lender will lend. LTV also affects the interest rate changed on loan. The high the LTV, the higher will be the interest rate. For example – if the value of a property is £100,000 and the lender is willing to lend £90,000 on that property. The LTV will be 90%.

What is APR

APR or annual percentage rate is used for personal loans and credit contracts other than a mortgage. APR includes the standard fees and interest rate you pay on loan. It is helpful when comparing loans to find out which one is best. APRC or annual percentage rate of charge is used for secured loans and mortgages. APRC includes all the charges ( fees and other costs) and calculated on the basis that the mortgage is kept for the full duration without a change. APRC is used to compare mortgage and secured lending products.